MAPAN Background

Rationale for Establishment

The idea for the establishment of the Institute for Malaysian Political Analysis (MAPAN) grew out of the result of several recent developments in Malaysian politics. Amongst these developments include the difficulty faced by the general public in obtaining credible and authentic information that is buried in the media warfare between the government and the opposition. The government had also formed the National Professors Council (MPN)?as a consultation base consisting of individuals from local academia?which functions by giving educated opinions. In relation to this, as well as to support to role of the International Relations, Security, and Political Cluster, the MPN among the recommendations that were initiated from the establishment of the new council included the formation of a body or institute or centre that can carry out a more comprehensive investigation into issues related to local and international politics.

The development of the Internet has made the dissemination of political information to become more widespread, to the point where the result can be seen in the emergence of political blogs that appear like mushrooms after the rain. Various opinions and criticisms have been presented by these blog writers regarding particular issues. This development, as described above, at this moment in time has been generally received by the public and regarded as a new institution in daily living. Thus, in response to the call by the government and due to the local and international political problems, the college realises that a new course of action needs to be taken by the university in establishing an independent centre that plays the role of being an alternative, credible, and rational source having scientific value, high reputation, and being well respected by the general public.

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